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Task Force on Charter School Quality and Accountability
Reaffirming our commitment to educational excellence

To create a report, grounded in the real experience of charter leaders, on how the charter movement can accelerate growth while continuously improving quality

1) Identify and prioritize the barriers to excellence in charter schools, including laws, regulatory policies, resource constraints, access to support services and technical assistance, issues of authorization and oversight, problems in school leadership and governance, and difficulties in attracting and retaining qualified staff

2) Propose ways of identifying, measuring, and reporting quality that include traditional measures but also take into account the wide diversity of charter school missions, structures, and clients

3) Recommend to the Council a robust set of specific actions that can be taken by the charter sector itself, and by policymakers, to fulfill the continuous-improvement model of charter accountability: enabling schools that exceed expectations to flourish, and ensuring that school failure is addressed swiftly and effectively

Commissioned on January 31, 2005
Report due July 31, 2005


Paul Bambrick-Santoyo, Co-Director, North Star Academy Charter School of Newark, Newark, NJ
Morgan Brown, Minnesota Department of Education
Yvonne Chan, Principal, Vaughn Next Century Learning Center, Los Angeles, CA
Mike Feinberg, Founder, KIPP Academy, Houston, TX
Donald Hense, Chairman, Friendship-Edison Public Charter School, Washington, DC
Lawrence Hernandez, Co-Founder and Principal, Cesar Chavez Academy, Pueblo, Colorado
Adrian Kirk, Principal, Monarch Academy, Oakland, CA
Eric Mahmoud, Seed Academy/Harvest Preparatory Minneapolis, Minnesota
Rosemary Perlmeter, Executive Director, LIFT Education, Dallas, Texas
Debo Powers Principal, The School of Arts and Sciences, Tallahassee, Florida
Greg Richmond , President, National Association of Charter School Authorizers
Dacia Toll, Director and Co-Founder, Amistad Academy, New Haven, CT
Ross Wiener, Principal Partner, The Education Trust, Washington, DC