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September 2005:
Thomas B. Fordham Foundation's "Charter School Funding: Inequity's Next Frontier"

August 2005:
Alliance Quality Task Force Report July 2005:
Update of the Charter Achievement Report
June 2005:
LISC and EFFC's Facilities Landscape report

May 2005:
Alliance Releases State of the Movement Report

US Dept of Ed's Credit Enhancement Guide

April 2005:
Response to EPI anti-charter book March 2005:
Alliance Quality Task Force

Report on Texas

February 2005:
Alliance's 2005 Agenda

Charter Achievement Report
January 2005:
Summary of Bush Admin's 2006 Budget
Monthly Resource Updates
The Alliance provides support for the Weekly News Connection and Monthly Resource Updates. The News Connection provides summaries of and links to charter school news from around the country. The updates provide regular highlights of charter school resources in the areas of finance & facilities, governance & management, accountability, and legal issues & policy. Subscribe here.

Archived Reports
For nearly a decade the Charter Friends National Network served charter schools by sharing information, coordinating activities, and conducting research on behalf of the loosely organized charter movement. The Alliance now makes available the wealth of helpful information collected and published by CFNN.

Charting a Clear Course
A Resource Guide for Building Successful Partnerships between Charter Schools and School Management Organizations

If the Shoe Fits
A Guide for Charter Schools Thinking about Adopting a Comprehensive School Design

Special Education
Charter Schools and the Education of Children With Disabilities

Non-Profits and Charters
How Community-Based Organizations Can Start Charter Schools