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No Child Left Behind
In order to better serve charter schools and better educate federal, state, and local officials of charters' concerns and needs in the NCLB-era, the Alliance has established a working group to study the law and its implications for these innovative schools. This working group includes a diverse group of charter leaders, and it is collecting input from a wide variety of stakeholders and education experts.

Charter School Grant Program
The Alliance has also established a working group to study the federal charter school grant program, which has provided critical support for the last decade. The Alliance will investigate how the program might be modernized to better assist current schools, potential school founders, and the organizations that support them.

Charter School Research
There seems to be an endless battle raging between the countless studies on charter school achievement. Every few weeks a new report emerges that attempts to provide the final word on how charter schools are doing. To cut through this debate and shed light on the underlying question, the Alliance has undertaken a project to collect and analyze all of the quality research done on charter achievement to date.

Upcoming Projects
The Alliance is also begining work on a systematic inventory and analysis of state-level charter infrastructure, the 2005 national charter schools week, the next national charter schools conference, and several other important projects.